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    We were on our summer holiday in 2012 when I heard about a place for rent in a road called “Las Sillerías”. Something within me encouraged myself to get to know the place and all of a sudden, I started this Project with my wife, my ally. When we first saw the indoor premises, we started imaging how we could decorate the place to turn it into a new different place. The perfect balance between classical and modern style. A welcoming and cosy stylish place with good taste for traditional Extremaduran food of extra quality. We started this project up and our restaurant, “El 7 de Sillerías”, was finally opened by the end of that same year on 1 December.
    Today, we are a big family that has been growing thanks to our costumers that have always been there. We are proud of being a reference point of excellence within the national gastronomy (Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence)


    Discoverthe enchantment of “El 7”

    Our restaurant is located in “Sillerías” Street, very near the historical and monumental centre, “la plaza de Trujillo” (Trujillo main square).

    We invite you to walk around our place and enjoy our atmosphere. Each and every corner of the restaurant are meant to make your experience unique with the confort that you deserve.